Elaraki School


Internationalism is achieved through exchanges, Gap year program, MUN conferences, RS conferences and our annual International Festival of Theatre. Democracy and Leadership are through elections, class representatives, IDEALS representatives, president of CDC, and debates. Our environmental club pushes the students to know the importance and the role that environment is playing in our life by creating diverse activities and workshops. Adventure takes its part by having different indoor and outdoor activities such as, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, cycling, Mountain games, and travelling. Service is our strongest pillar which enables our students to positively serve and impact our poor community needs, and help to educate them to become the change agents of tomorrow.

What being a RS school means to us

We are really proud to be a RS School, as its philosophy (IDEALS) intersects with ours (Responsibility, Initiative, Creativity, Imagination and Performance). Being a RS School gives our students the chance to explore a new world, new cultures, new traditions, having new friends and a great opportunity to develop their personalities, and to sharpen their language skills. Every year our students travel to participate in different RS activities, conferences and exchanges. We, as a RS Global Member, welcome you to share with us this experience.

Where to find us

Riad Ennakhil,, route de Casablanca 40100 Marrakesh, Morocco
Elaraki School