Instituto Anglo: Córdoba-Orizaba

Instituto Anglo: Córdoba-Orizaba

Founded in 1990, Instituto Anglo de Córdoba and Orizaba, is a tri-lingual school, created with the purpose of giving to the students of the region, the benefit of learning English and French as well as Spanish. This, in order that their academic preparation and values are the most appropriate to be successful in their lives, as well as being prepared to be leaders concerned about their community.


Instituto Anglo de Córdoba and Orizaba is proud to be the first Mexican school member of Round Square.

Our mission is to educate persons with a high level of social commitment who achieve their goals within a framework of absolute moral quality.

For us it is very important to develop well balanced students, who are able to fit everywhere because of their skills, leadership and moral values.
In our curriculum and in our co-curricular program, we include activities that encourage the ideals that we share with Round Square.

What being a RS school means to us

For our scholar community, it is a great opportunity to get in touch with other schools worldwide and work together. For our students it is a nice experience to travel to other countries and meet other students who share the same ideals.

Through RS, students around the world can learn how things are done in other parts of the world and that experience can change their lives in a good way. They can be better citizens, more responsible persons, more empathetic and good leaders.

Where to find us

Av. 20 de noviembre #624 Col. Benito Juarez, Mexico
Instituto Anglo: Córdoba-Orizaba