Markham College

Markham College

Markham College is a school in Lima, Peru. Founded by British expatriates, Markham promotes a mixture of British and Peruvian education supported by a set of traditional relationships between staff and students.


Our sense of internationalism continues to grow as global interconnections become requisites in a truly modern education. Our commitment with the environment has blossomed as Peru awakens to the necessity of a more pro-active approach to environmental stewardship. Finally, adventure is now a normal fixture in our outdoor education program, where students are progressively challenged.

Our commitment with IDEALS in seen all over the school – in student councils, varied leadership posts, the many service opportunities available, MUN, overseas trips, the highly popular international exchange program, our international staff and teaching syllabi, the design of our outdoor education and activities program, and even in our pastoral program.

What being a RS school means to us

Being a RS school to us means belonging to a wide community of fellow-minded schools.  It is connections, comradeship, opportunities and challenges.  It has helped our students to think BIG and truly embrace Hahn’s seminal thought – “there is more in you than you think”.  It has also allowed our staff members another opportunity to develop their sense of professionalism in a global scale.  We feel that it has also allowed us share everything that Markham College is with others. 

Where to find us

Calle Augusto Angulo, Miraflores, Peru
Markham College