Sarala Birla Academy

Sarala Birla Academy

The Sarala Birla Academy is a complete boarding school located in Bannerghatta Jigni Road in Bangalore, India. It was started in 2004.


In keeping with our Chairman’s vision, SBA has incorporated the ‘’IDEALS’’ of Round Square by promoting internationalism while strictly adhering to the traditional Indian culture and moral values, educating students towards environmental concerns and love for adventure and ensuring that the responsibilities of a leader are impressed upon them, where service to mankind is of utmost importance.

Thus, the pillars of Round Square have become the path to achieve our Chairman’s vision.

What being a RS school means to us

We are at an age where working towards the improvement and sustenance of this Blue Planet of ours cannot be achieved in isolation - the people of the world need to be united for this and work in close conjunction. For Sarala Birla Academy, therefore, being a member of the Round Square means an excellent opportunity to be able to work with the children of the world towards caring for and nurturing this, the only planet we have to ourselves.

Where to find us

Anekal-Jigni Road, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083, India
Sarala Birla Academy