Deputy Project Leader role

Deputy Project Leader positions are open to any member of staff from Round Square Member Schools. Providing an overseas venture for young people is a major and serious undertaking and as such, Round Square has established procedures for the selection of the RSIS Leadership Team to ensure that they possess all the technical and personal qualities relevant to the nature of each project.

Leaders should be technically competent both in outdoor education leadership, First Aid and medical issues and also possess good 'soft skills' in order to relate to the needs of the students. 

Deputy Project Leaders should ideally have some experience of the project destination or a similar environment, along with some experience of service projects working with 16-18 year olds and a good level of First Aid qualification.

The role of Deputy Leader will depend on how the Project Leader decides to use their skills. However, Deputy Leaders should be prepared to carry out any of the same responsibilities as outlined for the Project Leader and will:

  • Support of Project Leader;
  • Assume the role of Project Leader should the Project Leader become unable to do his or her job through illness or injury during the Project;
  • Abide by the same rules and principles as the Project Leader; and
  • Deputy Leaders will normally become Project Leaders if they are deemed to possess the correct attributes of a Project Leader and an opportunity presents itself.


Qualifications and Desirable Qualities of a Deputy Project Leader:

  • Works within a Round Square member school;
  • Knowledge and experience of Risk Assessments and incident management;
  • Ability to cope with multiracial, mixed gender and multicultural group of young people and staff;
  • Empathy with needs of young people;
  • Approachable;
  • Good humour;
  • First Aid qualification (preferably wilderness-­‐based); and
  • Professional conduct and maturity.


How Round Square Supports its Leaders

Our Leaders are extremely important, not only because they ensure the safety of all our Projects, but also because they deliver the ethos of Round Square to all of our project participants. We do our very best to support you before, during and after the project by:

  • Covering all your expenses (travel, vaccinations, visas, in country costs);
  • Providing you with as much detail on the project as possible before you leave;
  • Helping you put together all the paperwork needed before the project;
  • Giving you 24 hour support while you are on project;
  • Delivering training and briefings face to face and/or through Skype, phone, the website and paperwork;
  • “Growing” our own Leaders through taking on Deputy roles before becoming a main Project Leader; and
  • Helping you to gain extra qualifications or training (such as First Aid qualifications) that are necessary for your role and professional leadership development.




Participation fee £TBC plus flights