RSIS Big Build Sri Lanka

Under the banner of "The Round Square Big Build", in December 2018 a team of Round Square Students and Adults will be working with a local community near Wasgamuwa in Sri Lanka.


About the project

This construction project will consist of building facilities for the local community, which will be used to educate them about elephant behaviour as well as for funeral services and festivities. They may also be involved in the re-construction of homes damaged by elephant herds.


Character development

Participants will take it in turns to be student leaders during the project, taking responsibility for the organisation of the day, briefing their peers, giving an overview of safety and risk management and organising a student rota to help with different chores at camp. Students will be given feedback by their peers and the adult leaders, and will all receive a personal report after the trip.

All participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to lead a truly international team;
  • Deepen their spirit of adventure; 
  • Develop their problem solving, presentation, facilitating and communication skills;
  • Grow in self-confidence, personal responsibility and self-awareness; and
  • Test and hone their management and negotiation skills.

Big Build Projects are the perfect opportunity for Schools to provide targeted leadership training for potential future leaders including your next Head Boy or Girl, or students with other areas of responsibility in their school (eg sports captain, school prefect, committee chair.)


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8th - 21st  December 2018


Participation fee £1020 plus flights

50 students. One cause. It's going to be BIG #rsbigbuild