Countdown to RSIS Sri Lanka begins!

Posted: 22 November 2018

Excitement levels are high as our RSIS students count down the days until our two projects in Sri Lanka kick off on the 8th December. Our Big Build and Environmental projects will run in tandem.

About the projects

The RSIS Big Build team will be working on a construction project helping to build facilities for the local community, which will be used to educate them about elephant behaviour as well as for funeral services and festivities. They may also be involved in the re-construction of homes damaged by elephant herds.

The environmental team will work on Project Orange; an award-winning conservation programme that uses citrus crops to divert elephant herds on their migration, protecting the elephants and farmers, whilst creating an alternative cash crop.

About this blog

While students are away, we run an online blog covering the student’s adventures and keeping you up to date with their latest activates and the progress they are making on the project site.

Updates are typically written by the students themselves and contain photos and (sometimes) videos.

The blog will be updated here on the Round Square website every couple of days where possible. Wifi can be very sporadic depending on the team’s location and if they are in transit. There is also usually a little delay between the first update announcing the team’s arrival in country and the second update. This is usually because the team are settling in or are in transit to the project site. A notification is sent to all parents when the blog is updated.

The most exciting part of this blog are the photos and videos. We try and capture photos of all students on the project, but please remember – some students are camera shy!

You can also follow the adventure on social media

You can also follow us on #roundsquare FacebookTwitter and Instagram, where we also post a selection of photos from the blog.

See you in Sri Lanka!

We look forward to meeting the student team on arrivals day (8th December). All students will be met at the Arrivals Gate in Sri Lanka by members of the Round Square Adult Leadership team. The adults will have a Round Square flag and are very easy to spot! Students should not leave the airport unescorted.

Travel safe everyone and we will see you soon!

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