RSIS Big Build Ecuador: a very busy weekend

Posted: 16 July 2018


Building update

Work on the bamboo fence and the foundations of the multi-use centre are now complete and our busy students have started work on some fun playground furniture. Students are also taking time to complete their thoughts and reflections in their RS journals, helping to track their development and progress while in Ecuador.



Student blog update

By: Robert, Zayaan, Margherita, Léna and Anushka

After a refreshing tropical fruit salad and bowl of cereal, we were invited to a very special day at a local Primary school in the Puerto Rico community. It was aptly named ‘Dia De La Familia’ or the Day of the Family. Both students and teachers demonstrated their work over the year as well as performed a couple of musical pieces for all. The Round Square Big Build team participated with four performances of our own: two songs and two dances.

We then split off into our groups to work on the two project sites. Group A, which consisted of members from Tony, Carlos and John’s groups, finished off the inner layer of the bamboo fence for the Children’s centre as well as preparing more concrete while Group B, which was made up of students from the Manishan’s and Super 10, prepared the rebar for the concrete, painted beams for the roof and as usual, toiled in the back-breaking concrete mixing area (how fun!).

After a very needed lunch of fajitas and freshly prepared salsa, we swapped sites and continued to work on the outer layer of the fence and the wiring of the reinforcement bars. Group A also had to rearrange the benches of the Church next to the site to make space for the mixing of the concrete.

We came back to the camp site to enjoy a delicious meal of empanadas. After dinner, we were treated to Salsa class. It was really fun to watch everyone try to follow the Ecuadorian instructor. Because of the heat that was generated of the large number of moving bodies, it took quite a while for all of us to cool off and chill out before heading back to the rooms.

On behalf of everyone on the trip, parents – you do not need to worry! We’re doing great 🙂



Busting a move

Salsa dancing is extremely popular in Ecuador, especially in Guayaquil and the surrounding areas. Students had a chance to master essential Salsa steps in a fun, friendly and energetic dance lesson. The dance class turned into a ‘free style’ party with lots of dancing, and this happened:



Student blog update

By: Avrah, Ruby, Alex, Charlotte S. and Zaha

It was our fourth day of work and both sites have made a lot of progress. We started off the day separating into our groups, delegating tasks and moving to our assigned workplaces. Our teams finished the bamboo fence surrounding the childcare center and we finished the foundation for the multi-use center.

Although it was the fourth day of work and everyone was feeling a bit tired we managed to push through, stay positive and work as a team to conquer the day’s challenges and often even exceed our own expectations.

After a delicious lunch, we finished working at our second site an hour early to join a group of local children in doing a beach clean-up. We were able to bond with the kids and ensure that once the turtle eggs hatch, there is nothing in their way of the ocean. Although it was work, it was fun to get out and into a new environment to see more of Ecuador and learn from the local people.

Afterwards, we all looked forward to our bucket showers and reflected on the day while eating dinner. Our groups convened after and discussed our expectations going into this trip and how we can maintain our progress despite the challenges and be able to grow from this experience.

We, as the leaders, then had a meeting on how to better our leadership skills and actualize our goals in the days to come. As a group we heard details about our excursion tomorrow and we are all looking forward to seeing what more Ecuador has to offer!


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