RSIS Morocco: the work begins

Posted: 09 July 2019

Monday 8th July saw the team’s first whole day on the project site in Tacheddirt and everyone has settled in nicely. The team has been split into three sub teams, and will rotate with each sub-team doing a different task each day. The whole team will then come back together for one big, family dinner and evening activities.

The teams have begun working on two key projects; the construction of two classrooms for the community and a footpath leading from the village up to Asni, where mothers with young children have to walk to the markets. The teams have been working well together, and the student leaders – responsible for their teams activities for the day, have kept student safety at the heart of their work, reminding each other to work safely with the correct protection gear, wear their sun hats, and stay hydrated!

Here’s some highlights of their day:

Team one:


Led by Carlos, Tui and Shelley. On their team is: Husnaa, Kenzie, Elizabeth, Rory, Varen, Lauren, Sille, Kritika, Rebecca, Holden, Yasemin, Shivan, Phoebe, Ioan, Shanaya, Hyun, Samuel, Finja, Shivendra, Enling and Nicole. Team one worked on the construction of the classroom, helping to mix cement, clear ground and move bricks.


Team two:


Led by Courtney, Ambikesh and Scott. On their team is: Rose, Avery, Seán, Ela, Tala, Tim, Annie, Gabriela, Allyce, Erica, Adam, Emma, Varnika, Avi, Simone, Klervie, Alexander, Saskia, Zohra, Maya and Tom. Worked on the village path, helping to make large shallow steps down the side of the hill.

Team three:


Led by Freddie, Michelle and Brenton. On their team is: Tristen, Jasmine, Nikhil, Arnav, Victoria, Shania, Trishala, Gabrielle, Tifuh, Amy, Oliver, Adit, Melinda, Aeron, Diya, Oliver, Emma, Matthew, Arjun and Josefine. Walked in the footsteps of pilgrims and took part in the Sidi Chamharouch trek and enjoyed a delicious picnic.


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