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Áleph School

Gender: Coeducational
Type: Day school
Age range: 3-16

Áleph School is a bilingual, coeducational day school for students aged 3-16 in Lima, Peru.

The IDEALS in our school

Our curriculum seeks the construction of a personal and group understanding of 3 major concepts (Culture, Systems and Transformation), associated with diverse problems and which allow the development of new capacities. We detail our pedagogical principles, in relation to the RS Ideals, since we believe there is a common search:

What being a Round Square school means to us

Being a Round Square school contributes to our goal of educating students as global citizens. We value the opportunity to collaborate, build, share and exchange with other schools of the world. We believe that learning is something that occurs collectively. Being part of Round Square is a great platform to nurture our school, learn from and with others, and also share our experience.

Where to find us


Alameda Del Remero, Mz. X, Lt.5-6 Los Huertos de Villa, Chorrillos, Chorrillos 15067 , Peru