St Paul's Coeducational College

St Paul's Coeducational College

St. Paul's Co-educational College, is a highly prestigious and selective secondary school located at 33 MacDonnell Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong. The school was founded in 1915. 


St. Paul’s Co-educational College is committed to nurturing students’ all-round development and equipping them with the attributes stated in the SPCC Student Profile, which is closely aligned with the Round Square IDEALS. We provide students with experiential learning programmes like outdoor education programmes, international exchanges and community service projects, in which students can develop a global vision while reaching out to society. Within the school, student bodies like the Prefect Board and the Student Union aim at honing students’ leadership and critical thinking skills. In the future, we will continue to help students reach their full potential and excel as a Round Square school. 

What being a RS school means to us

St. Paul’s Co-educational College, as the only Round Square school in Hong Kong, is honoured to promote the holistic development of the younger generation in the school community, Hong Kong, Asia and ultimately the world at large.  Additionally, by implementing the IDEALS through a broad spectrum of activities, SPCC is dedicated to nurturing students into confident individuals, life long learners and responsible global citizens. 

Where to find us

33 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong
St Paul's Coeducational College