St. Philip's College

St. Philip's College

St Philip's College is a private, coeducational school in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is a Uniting Church school that teaches students ranging from Year 7 to Year 12, regardless of religious affiliation or denomination.


St Philips College has been a Round Square School since 1996 and the Pillars are an integral part of our philosophy. They are displayed as a physical feature in our Assembly Hall so remain a constant reminder of our belief in the opportunities presented in each of the Pillars.
We have Pillar College Leaders assigned to promote and develop understanding and activities relating to the IDEALS and they are required to report back to the Round Square Committee each week.

We are excited at the ongoing growth generated by young people enthused and challenged by Hahn’s belief in “Plus Est en Vous”.

What being a RS school means to us

Round Square is simply our window to the world. We are situated in Outback Australia and as such we are a long way from the city! We have a vibrant exchange program involving 25% of our Year 10 students who are excited to see the world and we delight in showing off our magical beauty through Outdoor Adventures to those who are willing to brave the Red Centre! Alice Springs is a multicultural town but isolated: our connection to Round Square has brought the world to us.

Where to find us

Ulpaya Road, Alice Springs, NT 0870, Australia
St. Philip's College