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Keystone Academy

Gender: Coeducational
Type: Day and boarding school
Age range: 5 - 18

Keystone Academy is an innovative and unique school in China and the world. It draws from Chinese, American and International learning traditions and weaves them into a powerful bilingual education model.

The IDEALS in our school

The Round Square IDEALS served as the backdrop of the school’s initial planning and philosophy in 2013 by the founding leadership team and trustees. Because Keystone Academy already actively employs the philosophy behind the IDEALS through our five shared values (Wisdom, Honor, Justice, Compassion, Respect and Honesty) and our academic and extra-curricular programs, it is a seamless continuation of this framework.

The Student Committee guided by the RS Rep consisting of Keystone students and teachers actively promotes the IDEALS through program planning.

The IDEALS appear as standing items on school leadership team meeting agendas-Division Leadership, faculty meetings, and student leadership meetings. The PTA will be informed on school activities that exemplify the Round Square IDEALS.

What being a Round Square school means to us

Being a member of the Round Square affords the opportunity to engage and collaborate with like-minded schools in an educational philosophy that is truly transformative for young people.

The Hahnian IDEALS are a natural complement to both our school’s shared values and my own personal ideals. Having the opportunity to share RS opportunities with my students serves a deeply rooted desire to develop globally minded citizens with a passion for life and learning.

Where to find us


Anfu Street, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318 , China