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Starehe Boys’ Centre & School

Gender: Boys school
Type: Day and boarding school
Age range: x - x

Starehe Boys’ Centre and School is a partial-board, boys-only school in Nairobi, Kenya. The school was founded in 1959 by Dr. Geoffrey William Griffin, MBS, OBE, Geoffrey Gatama Geturo and Joseph Kamiru Gikubu. It started as a rescue centre.

The IDEALS in our school

The term “baraza” as used in RS originated from Starehe and is a democratic exercise where students and teachers sit together and discuss issues affecting them. Every year we participate in various programmes and host visitors from all over the world, which exposes our boys and staff to internationalism. Our students care for the environment and play a large role in cleaning the school. The school is one of the top in scouting and President’s Award, thus embracing the pillar of adventure. Our boys volunteer at hospitals and various institutions during their free time to lend a helping hand.

What being a Round Square school means to us

We feel honoured to be part of RS because we share the same ideals that RS espouses. We feel part and parcel of RS and we don’t have to change the way we operate to fit in. We appreciate what RS stands for and are proud of the achievements the organization has made over the years touching the lives of many people all over the world through the service projects and shaping the lives of thousands of teenagers and adults who are involved in RS activities.

Where to find us


Kariokor , Nairobi , Kenya , Kenya