Round Square schools collaborate on programmes and initiatives ranging from one-off Zoom Calls, academic endeavours to conference participation, to cultural trips and exchanges and everything in between. Sometimes we simply swap resources, share ideas, consult colleagues around the world on challenges we are facing and crowd-source potential solutions to shared problems.

All faculty members in Round Square schools are able to connect with counterparts in RS schools around the world to create subject-themed and inter-disciplinary opportunities for our students to develop global competencies within the curriculum. By connecting our classrooms across the world we are able to bring a broader global perspective and real-world learning to a variety of subjects, which in turn helps to internationalise the curriculum.

The Round Square Collaboration Platform facilitates connections by providing a searchable database of teachers in RS schools around the world who are keen to connect, share resources, and plan courses and lessons together, and advertises live opportunities that are seeking partners. The system is flexible, taking into account varying term times, age ranges and curricula, making it possible to pinpoint the best matches and begin a meaningful conversation.