Zoom around the World with Round Square Postcards

To keep students connected across the Round Square community, each week, a RS school somewhere in the world takes its turn to send out a postcard invitation to the network for students to join a 60 or 90 minute Zoom call on a topic of their choice the following Wednesday.

Postcard Calls are managed through Round Square’s Zoom account, but are led by students from the host school who determine the call time and topic, design the postcard and present and facilitate the discussions.

Each call is tailored for a specific age group (11-13 or 13-15 or 16-18) and participants are often invited to send in photographs or questions in advance to talk about on the call.

Usually bringing together between 50 and 150 students (depending on the topic) from up to 30 schools at a time, the postcards combine informal chat with formal presentation, Q&A, debate and discussion in baraza breakout groups, games and quizzes.

Recent topics have included An Aussie Backyard Adventure, Sharing Acts of Kindness, Welcome to Tokyo, Hobbies and Interests, The Perils of Fake News, Behind the Scenes in England, Finding Adventure and Welcome to India.

RS Schools receive Postcard Invitations via the RS Weekly Newsletter and can register students for the calls on the RS Web Site.

If yours is a Round Square school and your students would like to host a Zoom Postcard please volunteer by completing this short form