RSIS Big Build Ecuador: Adiós mis amigos

Posted: 22 July 2018

Student blog update

By: Megan, Caroline, Lexie, Jordan and Jake

Today was the final day of work. One group gave the masses of donations to the local school where they were able to see all the happy and excited children. The other groups were rotated from work to reflection time. On the worksite we continued to build the walls.

While reflecting we thought about our time here in Ecuador and the people we met. It was a great time to look back at our time and all the different friendships we made. After we finished working and reflecting we ate breaded chicken, potatoes, rice, and salad. We then got a chance to play with the children from Puerto Rico. It was nice to spend time with the locals before we left.

We then got time to pack our bags and relax with our friends. For dinner we had spaghetti with garlic bread. Then as a surprise we had a disco night with one of the locals as the DJ. Many locals and their children came to dance with us. They provided us with drinks and snacks, such as cake. The music was tasteful as the DJ used lots of Latin twists to the songs we know and love.


Back in Guayaquil

The team hung up their cerement mixing tools and their trowels for a final time yesterday. Due to the team’s tireless hard work and dedication, the work on the Early Childhood Centre was fully completed and the structure of the Multi-Use Centre has started to take shape. The concrete slab and pillars were completed and the walls have started to take shape.

“I am extremely proud of each one of the 49 students for showing commitment during the project, flexibility at the worksite, empathy for the group and the community, openness to try new foods and their support to the group and the leadership team,” says Carlos the Project Leader “They quickly understood the importance of communication, team work and adaptability, putting the interests of the entire group above their own personal needs or desires. One of my best day s was when we completed the concrete floor as the entire team worked together.

I am please and I am also sad. I know what my colleagues feel the same way. I personally will miss the smiles in the morning as the students were waiting for their breakfast, the student leader meeting at the worksite to negotiate the jobs for each group, the conversations as we waited for our bucket showers, the interactions with the local children, our search in the fruit bowls to find another passion fruit and the small talks that turned into longer conversations.

Although it is difficult to judge or measure how much these remarkable young adults have learnt of grown during the past fortnight, I can confidently say that the journey is now over and the best is yet to come.

Team Ecuador, 2018, you will be missed. Gracias.”

To say thank you to the team, the local community threw an amazing party with a DJ and everyone was able to celebrate in style. The following day, the team said their final goodbyes to everyone in the community and travelled back Guayaquil.

The team took the opportunity to stretch their legs after the long coach journey and make the most of their remaining time in Ecuador with a little sightseeing.



Happy birthday

A very happy birthday to Aryan. The team celebrated his birthday and their final night together last night at a local restaurant in Guayaquil with a delicious meal and lots of birthday cake.

Aryan, we hope this birthday is one you will remember forever! Many happy returns from everyone at Round Square.


Safe travels

Today is departures day. Students will spend the day relaxing at the hostel in preparation for their respective flights throughout the day and saying their goodbyes. Students will be at the airport roughly three hours before their flight time. Many are on the same flights, which is great because I don’t think anyone is quite ready to say their goodbyes yet.

Students will get their phones back and will be contactable while at the airport. We wish everyone travelling today, a safe and pleasant trip.

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