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Calgary French & International School

Gender: Coeducational
Type: Day school only
Age range: 3 - 18

Calgary French & International School is a trilingual school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The school is full French immersion and all subjects are taught in French. The school has English, French and Spanish as core subjects.

The IDEALS in our school

Calgary French & International School is educationally progressive, French immersion school with strong academics and a flourishing Spanish-language program. Cultural peace is cultivated through teaching UNESCO values and instilling a strong global perspective, in every grade. Each student is encouraged to lead advocacy and humanitarian work related to their studies, in their local community and even globally. Through international connections, including travel studies in higher grades, students are taught to effectively and confidently navigate among different cultures, which affords our graduates an exciting range of future options

What being a Round Square school means to us

Being a Round Square schools allows us the opportunity to connect with partner schools and build upon our shared values and goals. It opens up the world to our students and teachers, allowing them to forge friendships and connections, virtually or through exchanges. Round Square allows us to offer a wider range of opportunities to offer an inspiring international education to our students.

Where to find us


700 77 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta , Canada