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St Stithians Girls’ College

Gender: Girls school
Type: Day school only
Age range: 6 - 18

St Stithians Girls’ College provides a safe, nurturing and inclusive community where young women are encouraged to explore, experiment and investigate. The Girls’ College prides itself in continuously striving to provide a real, relevant and holistic education for young women, with a focus on preparing students for their contribution to our country and a broader global society, and importantly towards their own self-fulfillment. We strive to produce confident young women who are able to lead a life of conviction and purpose.

The IDEALS in our school

The Spirits encapsulated in the IDEALS and the Discovery Framework are being lived out on a daily basis in the school life of the Girls’ College. Leadership, Spirituality, Pastoral care, Sport, Service, Academics, the Kamoka Bush School and the rites of passage all reflect the active being and doing of the IDEALS. Participation and involvement of students are key focus areas in: running service projects, camps and adventure activities, raising awareness of environmental issues, growing student voice and appreciation for diversity and transformation and establishing programmes to improve wellbeing. Our students are encouraged to “Know yourself, Be yourself” and Make your contribution”.

What being a Round Square school means to us

The Round Square spirit is part of the fabric and ethos of our school community and is put into practice in a variety of ways under the precepts of IDEALS. This promotes transformational action, participatory responsibility and character development in every individual.  We honour silent spaces and encourage our girls to be future leaders. Our motto “One & All” embraces a sense of belonging and community, Ubuntu. We inspire excellence, making a world of difference.

Where to find us


Sandton , 2060 , South Africa