Educational insights

A Postcard from Stiftung Louisenlund: Anti-Semitism in Modern Germany

Stiftung Louisenlund hosted Round Square postcard for students aged 16-18 on Zoom on Antisemitism in Modern Germany. Over 100 students from 29 schools in 14 countries (Germany, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Kenya, Colombia, the USA, Canada, Oman, Romania, the UK, Peru, Armenia, and Tanzania) joined the call, in which, the student hosts gave a brief history of the Holocaust before delving into modern day examples of antisemitism and opening up the conversation in baraza breakouts with their peers from around the world.

Cela fiesta- a melting pot of diverse Literature

In times like these, with uncertainty surrounding our lives, what we truly need is something that brings us together – not by virtue of our nationality, religion or even language. But by virtue of our passions that shape our lives.Literature is where we must seek our objective. Literature is the medicine for distress. It is the channel for the voiceless. It is truly awe – inspiring, the power of art, to move people, to bring people together – like it has in the fiesta.

Immigration Forum hosted by Nightingale Bamford School

The vision for “The Forum on Immigration to the USA” was to raise awareness about the issue of immigration which German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called “The defining issue of our generation”.It was organized by a Nightingale Bamford Grade 11 (Junior) student, Antonia Brillembourg.It took the form of a Zoom webinar and featured three professors; experts in various aspects of US Immigration history and policy.It lasted 90 minutes and one hundred participants from fifteen RS schools took part. Participants were able to submit questions to the speakers for a response.

RKK’S Convivial Conclave

The Conclave, hosted by Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School was a purely student-oriented event. The school empowered its student community to plan, organised and execute a variety of activities to share with other schools throughout this collaboration. The Conclave comprised of a variety of interactive sessions for students aged 13 to 16. Students joined inquisitive and passionate discussions on various subjects ranging from Time travel to the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

DAIS “3L – Leisure Learning in Lockdown” Collaboration

Amidst the COVID-19 lock-down, the Dhirubhai Ambani International School hosted a student-led collaboration of online activities every week with other schools in the South Asia and Gulf Region. Around 120 students from 14 Round Square schools participated in four weeks of interesting, engaging and productive online sessions. Comprising of art and craft, dance, fitness, singing, and cookery, these activities are created to be as enjoyable and interactive as possible to traverse the boundaries of lock down.