A Postcard from Radford College: A Deep Dive Into Canberra’s Culture; Adventure

Posted: 29 March 2021


We hosted a Postcard event for students aged 10 – 12 that would focus on Adventure and Creativity as well as give the participants a little understanding of what life is like in Canberra, Australia.

The call brought together more than 100 participants, connecting students and teachers from 14 RS schools in Australia, Germany, India, Rwanda, the USA, South Africa and China. Students were asked to bring along to the call a souvenir or memento of their biggest or most recent adventure to use for a show-and-tell about their adventure experience. They split into eight baraza breakouts for three separate sessions, first to introduce themselves, next to share their show-and-tell items, and finally to talk about adventure and creativity.


We planned for this event in small groups of students and held four or five meetings over the course of the three weeks before the call. Meetings typically lasted one hour and covered:


Pre call:

During call:

After call:


Ensuring appropriate locations for all of the different Baraza leaders, in close proximity, was a challenge to ensure that we didn’t have feedback as the students were sharing machines.

Zoom was blocked at our College and there were some IT issues with getting this fixed in the lead up to the Zoom Postcard. Ensuring we had an IT staff member available during the call was helpful.

Managing the enthusiasm of the students to ensure that everyone got an opportunity to be part of the event and that they didn’t become nervous during the call when hosting the Baraza Groups.

The items submitted by the participants continued to come in right until the day of the call so the collation of this happened quite late.  Trying to ensure that we included each participants submission meant ensuring that we continued to update this document.


This event was an excellent way to promote Round Square throughout our Junior School community.  A range of staff came and viewed the event whilst it was underway and the students were extremely keen to share their experiences after the event. Comments on the “Chat” from participants indicated that they had really enjoyed the topic and getting to know students from different backgrounds and learning about their different experiences.

Long Term Outcomes

This event has enabled us to enhance our international engagement and cultural understanding. We are hoping to continue with Zoom Postcards for students in this age group. We hope that participants got a better idea of what life is like in our part of Australia and that some of the misconceptions have been dispelled.


Author: Kath Notley, RS Rep Radford College

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