The Round Square International Conference 2023: The New Africa

Posted: 19 January 2023

The Round Square International Conference is an annual event run by, and for, students aged 16-18. It moves around the world with students from different schools hosting each time. The most recent in-person conference was hosted in September 2022, which was hosted in the UK, bringing together more than 1,550 delegates from 50 countries around the world. The RSIC2022 started with three days at Oxford University, before splitting out to four UK schools for the remainder of the week.

In October 2023 we will once again be face-to-face for the 54th Round Square International Conference, which will be hosted by Brookhouse School in Nairobi, Kenya

The theme for the conference “The New Africa ” will allow us to explore many ways in which the continent has evolved and is defining its position in the 21st Century. Brookhouse is planning a programme of keynotes and panel discussions that will highlight an array of African innovators. The conference will be hosted jointly across Brookhouse’s two campuses in Nairobi. Brookhouse families will provide homestay accommodation and a first-hand experience of African hospitality for student delegates. Adult delegates will be staying in hotel accommodation.

The conference will come together for the Opening and Closing days, whilst the Adventure, Service and Democracy days will provide smaller group opportunities on a rotation of activities across the middle three days of the conference, hosted at the two Brookhouse campuses, in Karen and Runda. The Adventure Day will feature a night under African skies, camping in the Nairobi National Park, with wildlife game drives and an environmental conservation focus.

Watch this space for further details!!!

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