Exchange between Round Square Schools

Round Square schools connect to create opportunities for students and teachers to develop international understanding, self-confidence and a range of interpersonal skills through studying or working on exchange at another school in our network. Exchanges are arranged flexibly between schools, often taking advantage of variations in academic timetables so that visits can take place whilst their own school is not in session.

for students

A student exchange is an opportunity to experience a different school, culture, and country for a short period of time. An exchange placement can offer a student the opportunity to develop a deeper level of international understanding and a range of global competencies, positive attitudes and life-skills including greater self-confidence and self-awareness, improved communication skills, a broader perspective on world issues, personal motivation, tenacity and adaptability. Students that participate in exchange experiences often find it a life-defining experience, and draw on the personal qualities they develop as a result in their further studies and working lives for decades to come.

for adults

Exchanges aren’t just for students, teachers from Round Square member schools can exchange. It is a great opportunity for teachers to develop professionally and personally by experiencing life in another education system and culture. These opportunities offer educators the opportunity to exchange teaching positions with a teacher from another country for one semester or academic year. By living and working abroad, teachers improve their understanding and appreciation of another culture and education system. With this enhanced awareness, participants expanded the global perspectives of students and colleagues in their home and host communities and positively impacted the quality of classroom instruction.

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As a Round Square school you can connect with other schools in the network to create exchange opportunities that enable students and teachers to study or work at another Round Square school for a short period of time. You can also welcome teachers and students from other RS schools on a visit to yours, which is a brilliant way of bringing a new global perspective into your school. Click the button below to access a directory of exchange contacts in Round Square schools and good practice documentation to help you in establishing your own protocols and principles for how your exchanges will work

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